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How Digital Photography Has Changed The Way We Can Share Photos

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 04/17/2010 | Hobbies

Digital cameras under multiple various forms are becoming more and more widespread, according to a recent survey by the USA Consumer Electronics Association (CEA). Most households now own either a digital camera, mobile phone equipped for taking digital photos or video camera and are very satisfied with the resulting photos.

More than 70 percent of families use digital photography and most of them are pleased with the options proposed. The different programmes and options such as photo storage, sharing, backing up and protecting photos are now quite advanced and the various functions available are easy to understand and carry out.

Sharing photos with relatives and friends is definitely the most widespread and favourite pastime with people who own digital cameras. The researched stated that over 70 percent had fun taking photos on the most recent occasion they have been to. Half of these people sent them to friends and relatives by e-mail or with other online photo sharing options, while some showed their photos to others directly on their computer screen.

People still enjoy printing photos to share with others, either by using their personal printer at home or with the multiple on-line printing services. However, most prefer online photo sharing, where friends and relatives can browse through the photos at anytime and print those they prefer. There is a wide choice of photo posting and sharing on the Internet, including Photobucket, Facebook and Snapfish; most people choose those websites according to the cost, the uploading speed and trouble-free log in for relatives and family.