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Romantic Ideas And Tips For A First Date

By Charles Hopkins Published 12/8/2013 | Dating

Preparing for that big date? It takes more than nice clothes and a fancy dinner to make your date feel special. If you want to leave that lasting impression, here are some tips and ideas for a truly memorable date that would be hard to forget:

1. Having dinner is always the number one dating activity. But the key here is how to make it romantic. Giving your date flowers is always nice. Make sure that you have an idea of whatís good and what isnít on the menu so that she wonít regret eating out with you. A delicious meal leaves a lasting impression. Donít pretend to be an expert on food though as this might bore your date. To make a first date special, there can be other firsts you can set up. First time to try an exquisite dish, first time to drink a certain kind of wine, first time to eat with her hands, whatever, let your imagination run wild with this one. You can also ďconniveĒ with a waiter to do something different. Maybe he can make a public announcement like, ďMr. John Doe would like to thank Miss Jane for granting him the pleasure of her company tonight.ĒÖ The key is to make this dinner different from all the dinners sheís had in the past.

2. The next common dating activity would be going to a movie. Most girls go for romantic comedies. Itís funny and mushy at the same time. Just donít keep grunting or yawning while youíre watching. Sheíd appreciate it very much if you matched her enthusiasm, or at least, assure her that you donít think these movies are lame. Quoting lines from the movie afterwards wonít hurt your chances either.
If you really canít stand romantic comedies, try a funny movie. Just make sure you donít end up snorting coke up your nose (I mean the soft drink, okay?). Itís ideal to get a jumbo-sized serving of popcorn that the two of you can share. Not only do you get to brush your hand with hers, sheíll see you as a generous date.

3. Do something sheís never tried before. But only if sheís up to it and only if you know how to go about that certain activity. As said earlier, something that sets this first date apart gives you an edge. Teach her how to ice skate and hold her hand steady as she tries to balance herself. Play mini-golf, teach her the proper swing and let her win some times. Play billiards and talk strategies on how to get the ball in, looking deep into her eyes. Be sensitive enough though to figure out when sheís getting tired and donít let her feel frustrated. Do something stupid, like swinging the golf ball backwards, just to make her laugh. If she isnít enjoying this particular activity, you can always go to a nice restaurantÖ

4. Go to a theme park or a carnival. Surely, there will be loads that you can do and, unless she is too sophisticated for this, she will surely enjoy this date. Itís not everyday you get to ride the Ferris wheel, play arcade or carnival games, eat cotton candy, reminisce on the merry-go-round ride or scream wildly on the roller coaster. This is a chance to be like kids again and just have good clean fun. Just make sure that you will be a gentleman and will help her get up on rides, hold her hand when she gets scared, guide her through the game booths, and of course, win her some prizes. No matter how corny prizes you get, she will surely appreciate these as you have won these for her.

5. Talk. But donít just blabber away. Talk WITH your date. Conversation is important as the point of the date is to get to know someone and enjoy their company. Believe it or not, good conversation is a real turn-on. Deliver compliments. Compliments are always good, and if delivered the right way, very romantic. As long as youíre sincere and do not go overboard, your date will be repeating your words over and over in her head days after your first date.

6. Lastly, a kiss on the cheek or the hand is an appropriate way to end the date. Make sure you tell your date how much you enjoyed the date, and ask her out again, if you really did. Tell her what kind of impression she has made on you, and make sure itís an ego-boosting one. Youíll likely have a second date if youíve treated her well and made her feel better about herself.