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How to Create a Goldfish Aquarium

By Charles Hopkins Published 08/8/2006 | Fishing and Boating

How to Create a Goldfish Aquarium

Unlike other types of fish tanks and aquariums, a goldfish aquarium is a rather easy creation which should not take you and your family too much time to set up. Since they are relatively cheap and easy to build, goldfish aquariums are a great, practical way to enjoy rather hassle free animals in your home.  In many situations where keeping a dog or cat in your home or apartment is just not something you are able to do because of space or financial restrictions, consider housing goldfish instead. They are incredibly cheap pets which can be crammed in together in practically any size of a home, making them perfect for those without a lot of space and a restrictive income. However, despite some of the positives of having goldfish, there are a few drawbacks as well. For example, many goldfish do not have a very long lifespan and if your children have not been introduced to death before, then having a goldfish may not be the best idea, as they are prone to dying rather easily if not taken excellent care of.  Furthermore, goldfish, like any other fish, will require a substantial amount of care for them to thrive, meaning you may have to forgo a vacation or two so you can stay home to care for your fish.

Despite some of the problems with owning goldfish, they are a relatively good bet for people looking for some animal comfort. When deciding to create your very own goldfish aquarium, keep everything in mind and make absolutely sure you know what you are getting into. It is certainly not fair to the fish if you decide half way during their life spans that you are bored with them and flush them down the toilet. After thinking everything over, if you feel completely confident with your decision to have goldfish, then head over to your local pet store and pick up the necessary supplies. In contrast to more expensive or rare fish, goldfish are cheap and can be found at practically any pet store no matter how large or small that store is. Alternatively if you live in a small town or someplace where it is a long drive to a pet store, then you may be able to order a few goldfish from the internet.

Before you get to ordering goldfish, however, you will need a place to put them. Firstly, you will want to find a place to put your tank and then purchase a tank that can fit in that space. Goldfish tanks do not need to be especially large, so a small desk, table or countertop should provide you with plenty of space for your aquatic friends. Pick up all of the required pumps and filters when you go to purchase your tank, as the store will probably be able to provide you with all of the necessary equipment at one time, making your goldfish raising experience much easier. Also, purchase any plants, statues or other add-on parts before you decide to fill the tank with water, as it is much easier to add everything before you add the fish and water than afterwards.