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The Benefits Of Juicing

By Charles Hopkins Published 07/31/2007 | Nutrition

Everyone should include at least one fresh juice in their diet every day and until you have tried it you won't believe how delicious it tastes: Raw, live, fresh fruit and vegetables have so many beneficial effects on the body. Fresh juice can be made in your own home or purchased from a café and the health benefits far outweigh those offered by pre-bottled juice.

A fresh juice is made using a juice extractor: This is a blender like processor that removes the pulp and filters about 90% of the liquid matter into a cup or jug. Fruits and vegetables commonly used for fresh juice include:

- Oranges
- Apples
- Watermelons / Melon Dews/ Rock melons
- Pears
- Strawberries
- Carrots
- Spinach
- Beetroots

Many people also like to include a small amount of fresh ginger or garlic for an added immune system boost. Depending on your individual taste preferences, different combinations can be used for creating unique flavors. Some juicers will take a whole granny smith apple without requiring any coring, where others need fruit and vegetables to be chopped into smaller pieces so they can fit through.

It's fairly common knowledge now days that the human body is comprised of at least 70% water and drinking fresh juice is a sure way to stay hydrated. Each piece of fruit and vegetables is also around 70% water content, but the water is vitamin and nutrient rich for quick and effective assimilation into the body. Fresh juice will give you an energy surge and it will carry vital vitamins and nutrients to cells throughout the body the way nature intended it to.

Can you imagine heaping an apple, an orange, a ¼ watermelon, ½ a beetroot, a slice of ginger and a carrot onto a plate and eating it all raw in one sitting? You could probably do it but it would be hard work! With fresh juice you can easily extract the goodness into a tumbler, throw in a couple of ice cubes if you like your drinks cold and you have a delicious and healthy drink, which is also