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Kevin Carden

Kevin Carden is the owner of House Plan Central.

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Study Room

By Kevin Carden | Published 09/9/2008 | Home Improvement |

Study room is the place where you begin the golden era of your life. So you must take care while designing, decorating and illuminating.

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You can transform your backyard into chefs oasis for a perfect patio or a garden party to host family lunch or dinner or maybe a Sunday brunch. Houseplan Expert Kevin Carden tells you how to convert your backyard into a place that is relaxed, festive and friendly!

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Bathroom Flooring Ideas

By Kevin Carden | Published 09/29/2008 | Home Improvement |

Flooring is an important aspect for any room. When we select bathroom flooring, we have to take many things into consideration... Read More

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Hardwood Flooring

By Kevin Carden | Published 10/3/2008 | Home Improvement |

Flooring is an important aspect for any room. Hardwoods come in strips which are narrow and planks which are wider. And both strips and planks come in various grades finished and unfinished. You can directly install finished boards. And you can stain and varnish unfinished boards to suit your plan. On Houseplancentral we have various plans with virtual tours to choose from.

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