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10 Common Lies Told by Women

By Ovi Dogar | Published 05/3/2007 | Relationships |

Why are some relationships more honest than others? Why are some couples more truthful with each other while others like to deceive the partner? Nobody deserves to be lied, but there are no doubts that women are telling lies considerably and often. But so men do the same.

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Even if your relationship works well, you have to think if she is the right girl for you, the one with whom you want to spend all your life. How do you if she is the right one? Here are some things that might help you.

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The Unwritten Rules of Online Dating

By Ovi Dogar | Published 05/9/2007 | Dating |

In our days more and more singles are using online dating services. But not many of them know that there are some unwritten rules, tips and tricks that will make the online dating experience much better.

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Men and women are really different in many aspects: the way of thinking, their needs, expectations. For example, gifts mean a lot to women, but we can't say the same thing about men. A woman knows how to ''read'' the message that a gift is giving, but men doesn't pay too much attention and importance to a gift.

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Dating a Co-worker Good or Bad?

By Ovi Dogar | Published 05/14/2007 | Dating |

In our days more and more people decide to start a relationship with a co-worker. There are many risks that make this very difficult to maintain. But not many people know about this before they start a relationship. So, if you are a very busy man too and spend all your time in an office, and decided to date with a co-worker, you should take a closer look at all the potential benefits and disasters that could be associated with this new career move.

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How to Find an Honest Dating Site

By Ovi Dogar | Published 05/16/2007 | Dating |

In our days more and more people prefer to choose online dating for finding a partner. Choosing an online dating service from the many available it is a little difficult, because you don't know which an honest one is.

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13 Love Killer Phrases

By Ovi Dogar | Published 05/21/2007 | Relationships |

To be in loved with a girl and start a relationship is a wonderful thing. Long term relationships are usually based on love, trust and honesty. Even if honesty is very important in a relationship, sometimes may be hurtful. There are some things that can't be told to the partner because it may hurt her, or make her change the opinion about you. For example, some bad things you've done in the past, a truth about her that will make her feel bad if you tell her, and so on.

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Professional eBook Covers 101

By Ovi Dogar | Published 05/23/2007 | Web Design |

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, that is why an ebook cover image plays a crucial role in the ebooks success. Well designed, professional looking ebook covers do much, because an ebook cover can be a powerful attention grabbing sales tool.

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Safety Tips for Online Dating

By Ovi Dogar | Published 05/25/2007 | Dating |

When you are looking to give online dating a try, you must know from the beginning that online dating, just as a traditional dating, does carry with it a few risks. However you like to do it, dating is a dangerous game.

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Everyone wants to have a happy marriage. But after some time different kinds of problems appear in our life. It is true that many people give up on a marriage too soon, and too many marriages end up being weighted down by unresolved difficulties.

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