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Reed Brinton

Reed Brinton is a experienced and professional realtor who is part of a five-generation tradition of service in Kansas City real estate. To view available homes in Kansas City, check out our Kansas City MLS. If you have any questions please give us a call or visit us online at http://www.brintonrealty.com

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As the U.S. real estate markets shift in favor of the buyer, it is becoming ever more necessary to know your game before purchasing a home. In years past the sellers really controlled the market and we saw rapid jumps in price, bidding wars and some buyers on their heels trying to find a home that was appropriate and affordable.

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Preparing For Summer Shows

By Reed Brinton | Published 07/31/2007 | Real Estate |

The summer season is traditionally the period in which there is the most action on home markets. Summer is an ideal time to move as there are usually no weather concerns and children can be moved and registered in new schools by September.

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Newspapers thrive catchy headlines that can sum up the drama of the day. But it's important to read with a critical eye, especially when you see a blanket statement at the top of the page like "National Home Sales Plummet." The headline looks good, and it's likely to turn heads, but how true is it?

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Hidden costs are the last thing anyone wants after spending months on a home sale. Even a couple thousand dollars in extra expanses can break a buyer or seller's budget. Many people to avoid moving altogether for this reason.

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