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Todd Peterson

Todd Peterson is the editor of the popular teen community http://HighWorld.com Visit HighWorld.com for more on teen life.

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If you're getting close to landing your first kiss and you're overwhelmed with stress, then you must read this article. It will slash your anxiety in half. Make your first kiss enjoyable!

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Stop being an ordinary kisser and start stoking your partner's fire with a single kiss. This advice can dramatically help you add spice to an ordinary kiss.

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Flirting Tips for Guys

By Todd Peterson | Published 05/3/2006 | Relationships |

By and large, guys are pretty bad when it comes to flirting. It's time you learn a few of the basics, so that you can get an edge over the competition. These flirting tips will have you headed in the right direction in no time.

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Being a good flirt has as much to do with not doing the wrong things as it does with doing the right things. Flirting is difficult because there's such a fine line between being successful and crashing and burning. It's so easy to do everything right, but then ruin all of your progress by making one of the all too common mistakes below.

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