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Veronique Cartier

Veronique is a counsellor and meditation teacher and writes for the http://www.holisticdirectory.com.au: articles, workshops, conscious dating.

Articles by this Author

You have probably heard of brain waves and how we can use brain wave technology to increase our wellbeing and happiness. In this article we will explore the different brain wave levels and how to take ourselves to those levels to achieve the corresponding states of relaxation, creativity and deep transcendental meditation.

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Knowing how the universe works is the key to a happy life. The principles outlined below ARE true and they work! They can be applied by anyone wishing to live a more fulfilling life by consciously applying universal laws.

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While sometimes we have very good reasons for getting angry, there are often subconscious reasons which cause us to errupt needlessly and create a lot of damaging situations in our lives. So let's look at why we get angry and what to do about it.

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