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Wendy Wilken

Wendy Wilken is the author of Facelift Without Surgery and also a practitioner of natural anti-aging techniques. She spends her free time researching and writing about anti-aging and non-surgical facelifts.

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If you’re into anti-aging skin care, then perhaps you need to ask: Can drinking red wine really make you look younger?

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So, you want to look younger without surgery? You want to conduct your own non-invasive facelift, or non-surgical facelift. Utilizing your fingertips instead of going to the surgeon to look younger is often a much better idea than undergoing the knife in many respects. Here we examine the first of 20 acupressure points (and will write many articles on this subject) that will make you look younger.

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Vitamin A should definitely be used in your armory of anti-aging skin care weapons. It is well known that Vitamin A has anti-aging properties, so if you ingest it as a supplement, or in its organic form e.g. as a vegetable or fruit, it will benefit you, so long as it's used in correct quantities. Vitamin A is also sold by the cosmetic industry in the form of topical skin creams which feature Vitamin A derivatives in the form of retinoid and retinol that aids skin cell replacement.

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