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If your website is not reviewed or listed within 2 days after your website submission.

Maybe due to the following reason's:
(1) Your submission was not received by us because of using our older submission link. To make sure we will receive your listing, try submitting your website using the submission link at each of your preferred category at Ezilon.com

(1) Your website is still on pending mode for more quality check before final approval.

(2) Your website is on denial mode and waiting refund since your submission was not accepted due to your site content and quality.

Please contact support using the "Help Desk" or click on "Submit a New Ticket" seen on top of the page, above this write up, if you cannot see your website in our directory within 2 days after its submission.

Any available editor will review your website as soon as possible and list it in our directory (after their editorial review).

If you need any help, please contact us using:


For Tech Support use the following link:

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