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Please note that Ezilon.com, Ezilon Inc has noticed that a company called Ezilon Technologies ezilontech dot com is illegally using our Registered Trademark and Pseudo Name "Ezilon" as part of their company or website name. Ezilontec dot com website was created on 27-Oct-2010 with full registrant hidden.

This is to alert the general public that Ezilon.com, Ezilon Inc. is not in any way related or doing business with Ezilon Technologies or Ezilon Kasoka (A person based in Malawi).

Anyone doing business with the above 2 entities as Ezilon directory or search engine or Ezilon Inc. are doing that at their own risk.

Ezilon and Ezilon.com is a registered trademark and pseudo name for Ezilon Inc - 9888 Bissonnet St. Houston, Tx 77036, United States.

Please beware!

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