Learning About the Contemporary Social Value of Poetry

By Raymond Ezilon.com articles Published 09/27/2008 | Arts and Culture
 Across time, poetry has been used for a wide range of purposes.  Aside from being a means of communication between lovers, poetry has been used to tell important stories, as well as to pass down historical and cultural information.  While we often read poetry in silence today, it was often passed along by word of mouth from generation to generation.  You will also find that many communities sponsored public gatherings dedicated to poetry readings.  In some areas, you may still find this practice being carried out.

Even though you may not be fond of creating rhymes, you may still enjoy writing poetry on occasion.  In particular, it is important to realize that writing a good poem does not mean everything has to rhyme.  You may even find that some of the most popular poems of all time rely very little on this type of  word usage.  Once you learn about all the word tools available to a poet, you are sure to find something that helps you express yourself.  Without a question, writing a poem is a good way to stimulate your mind as well as give you all kinds of opportunities to play with words and concepts.

Chances are, you may not be aware of all the places where poetry influences modern social values.  Among other things, many hit songs may have begun as poems.  Because poetry relies heavily on the sound of words, they are the ideal starting place for writing a song. At the same time, well placed words can also evoke a number of  images.  This is also an important aspect of a popular song.    If you are moved by music, reading a poem properly can also create a number of impressions on you.

Today, many people can benefit from reading different kinds of poetry.  As an example, you may want to see about forming a group that joins together to read and discuss poetry on a regular basis.  Irregardless of whether you choose classical poets or contemporary ones, you are sure to value these meetings.  At the very least, gathering for poetry readings will give you a chance to get to know other people in your community.  In addition, you will not be spending so  much time absorbing emotionally harmful programming from TV's and video games.

For the most part, you may initialy think that reading and writing poetry is something that died out decades ago.  That said, if you look around, you will still find many magazines and anthologies dedicated to poetry.  As you learn more about this fascinating form of communication, you may also find others in your community that share your interests.  In some cases, it may even be possible to meet on a regular basis for poetry readings or recitals.