How to Organize and Keep Your Kitchen Organized

By Pauls articles Published 09/27/2008 | Home Improvement

A Kitchen is one of the trickiest areas to systematize since it is the nucleus of the home. Kitchen in most of the homes is not only a place for cooking but a place to store thinks like mails, schoolwork, keys, backpacks etc. So when you try to organize a kitchen you not only have to arrange your kitchen cupboard but also all other things found in the kitchen.  Thus you get into a confused state as to where should the organizing of the kitchen start?

Specific area:

You can start organizing your kitchen in a small way. In reality organizing a kitchen is one of the biggest challenges. Just look around and select the area from which you would like to start your arranging work. And make sure that when you move on to something else the area already undertaken is well organized.

Do not be under the impression that you can organize your kitchen one time and it will remain like that for ever. This is where the actual challenge lies. So plan well ahead and then organize area after area. Also remember not to jump to other areas before you finish the one on hand.

Kitchen Counter:

Counters in the kitchen are areas which get out of control very easily and quickly. Since lot of things are used to store in the counters they become messy very soon. So this means that you can not leave your kitchen just like that and imagine it to be organized always.

Following are a few tips which you can try your hands at:

  • Have plainly selected areas for each action:

Just try to designate specific areas for different activities. Do not club different things in one area. Reserve a small area for cooking and preparation of your food.

  • Things not used on daily or weekly basis can be removed:

The more things you put on the counters the more stuff you may have to clean every day. Things which you do not use often put them away in areas which you do not use very often. For example your guest plates and tumblers can be put in the attic and get them when required. This would result in added empty space to be utilized.

  • Put things at places where you utilize them:

If you have your utensils away from the oven then you may have to go back and forth and this would lead to disorganization in the kitchen. So see to it that you have your utensils stored close to your stove.

  • Maintain frequently:

This will reckon on how engaged your kitchen is. Just do a 5-minutes tidying every day before and after each meal. This will help you to keep your kitchen organized.