Ideas and Tips for Painting your rooms or house

By Pauls articles Published 09/27/2008 | Home Improvement

Painting is an art and anyone can try their hands at it. But painting your house or your room is quiet different. It needs a lot of planning and designing before you actually set off on it. This is the time when most of you out there will be looking for tips on painting your room or house.

The first step for you when you get down to painting your house or room is to select the color and the type of paint that you would love to use. You must pay more attention to the type of paint that you would like to use. It will surely make a lot of difference to the appearance of your room or home.

Painting adds beauty to your room or house so do it like a professional. But this beauty will be visible only when you plan and select the correct color and type of paint. Do not feel ashamed to get ideas and tips from some good professionals. You can plan to get your room or house painted during the weekends.

Following are a few tips on painting your room or house:

o       Study your window and try to guess what treatment it needs. Also have a look at the existing furniture and all other add-ons inside the room. If the painting is for a new room then you need not bother about anything except for the color and type of the paint to be used. But if you are going to paint an already existing room then you will have to be careful in choosing the colors so that it matches the items that are in the room. Get sample of different shades of color in the form of chips and examine how they appear during day and night as well.

o       In case there are rails in your room then you may want to use two different colors. Then you have to select dark color to paint the wall below the rail and a light color for the upper portion and this will give an airy look to your room. The reason is that light color dominates your room.

o       If your room has walls with trim works on them then you can again go in for double shades for the wall. You can also select a dark shade for the trim so that you give emphasis to it. But if you go in for same color then you will get a monochromatic look for your room.

o       If large surface area is there in your room then any color you choose will appear darker. So you must get a bit lighter shade than what you actually intend to use.

o       In case you are not happy with your painting work then do not get dejected. You can use techniques like color washing, sponging and rolling and change it. You can also use a muted color of paint if the painting appears to be very dark.

o       The shade of paint selected by you can also strike the dimension of the room. Strong and firm colors such as red, orange and yellow will give a smaller appearance to your room. But if you want to give a larger look to your room then you will have to use colors like green, blue and violet.