Bathroom Flooring Ideas

By Kevin Carden Published 09/29/2008 | Home Improvement

Flooring is an important aspect for any room. When we select bathroom flooring, we have to take many things into consideration like if it is durable, will it look clean and nice, will it be easy to maintain, and will it be able to stand moisture.

We have many options to choose from like Ceramic Tile, Sheet or tile vinyl, Stone, Engineered Wood, Laminate flooring, Solid hardwood and Carpet, among all these options, ceramic tile is the first choice for any person. It has got a rich, textured solid feeling like a stone. It is water proof, easy to cleanup, various design and color to select from. You can also go for octagonal or hexagonal shape to select from.  Though
it is expensive but you can also select ceramic tiles which looks alike stone.

A Mosaic tile which is widely used comes in plastic mesh sheets which are
pre-mounted so this reduces to individually set them up. Its disadvantage is it is cold like stone, slippery though you can texture it to avoid being slippery. Second is a sheet or vinyl tile which has thousands of style option and is very easy to install.  Vinyl tiles disadvantage is that is tends to come out after a while.  We can go for sheet vinyl to avoid that but
its difficult to install though it comes at lower price range.

The next option for flooring is stone. You can select from marble, limestone, granite, it doesnt have moisture problem. It has its own drawbacks like it is most expensive, cold, and slippery.

The fourth option is engineered wood. It holds up great against moisture and it looks really beautiful as its top layer is rely wood. You can say one of the best options as bathroom floor.

The fifth option is laminate flooring which is better than solid hardwood because laminate flooring is no more than resin-impregnated paper atop a wood chip base. The laminate planks surface is actually a photograph the wood it is simulating: oak, cherry, slate, marble. And above that is wear layer which is very strong and is actually a melamine. For example DuPont RealTouch, and they promise the warranty of 30 years as the seams are glued together, and it will be difficult to get it affected by moisture. It is very easy to clean but by any chance if moisture gets in contact then all the flooring will have to tear out.

The next option is sold hardwood; it looks great and gives warm feeling but again moisture if big drawback, while installing one has to make sure that there is no moisture in the gaps.

The last option is carpet which people generally dont prefer as the moisture and carpet doesnt go well. On we can many virtual plans where we can see various flooring option for bathroom.