How To Find The Best Faucet Water Filter

By Robert articles Published 09/30/2008 | Shopping

Are you looking to purchase a new water filter for your faucet?   Are you concerned about what is in the water your family is drinking?  Do you want to “go green” by drinking less bottled water (plastic waste) and use filtered water?

There are many options available but in order to make the best decision you must do a little research.  Don’t be fooled by a high priced filter, don’t think you found a deal with a low priced filter. Look for a filter that will clean out all know carcinogens and chemicals.

Faucet water filters range in price from $800 to $30 dollars.  You might immediately feel that the higher priced faucet water filters are the best and remove the most from your water.  This is not the case.  You can find exceptional filters for a very reasonable price.  Instead of looking at price alone you must look at what the faucet water filter you purchase is capable of removing from water.

To protect the health of your family and have all toxins removed from the water you drink it is essential to have a filter that removes chlorine, THM, lead, and cysts. 

Chlorine and THM are both removed with virtually all faucet water filters.  THM is a known carcinogen that is found in untreated water.  Your local water treatment plant can print a report for you listing the amount of THM in the water coming from your faucet.   THM can enter your body through your drinking water and through your daily shower so consider replacing you shower faucet also.  It is not known what the dangerous level of THM is so to be completely safe you are encouraged to filter all THM out of your water. 

Chlorine is bleach.  You might think it would kill or remove all toxins in your water but it does not.  And I for one do not want my family drinking bleach.  Purchase a water filter that removes all bleach from your drinking water.

Another element that must be removed from your family’s water is lead.  It is well documented that lead can cause learning disabilities and behavioral problems.  A build up of lead in your system over the years can lead to high blood pressure and heart disorders. In the past lead was remove from water using an expensive step in the filtering process: reverse osmosis filtering.  It is NOT necessary to purchase an expensive faucet water filter that uses this process.  Instead look for a faucet water filter that has a submicron particle filter. A what?  This is a filter that uses a process of ion exchange to eliminate all traces of lead from your water.

Another toxin that your faucet water filter must remove is cysts.  The best filters will remove these toxins using an inexpensive carbon block.  This block will filter out anything floating in the water, making it safe for your family to drink. 

The faucet water filter you choose must remove all of the above containments  in order for your water to be safe for your family.  With a little research you will be able to find the best faucet water filter for you and your loved ones.