How to Buy The Best Juicer and Mixer

By Robert articles Published 09/30/2008 | Shopping

There are many kitchen appliances on the market today and some of the most popular are juicers and mixers.  When looking for a juicer or mixer to buy you must determine what you want the appliance to do.


In order to buy the best juicer for your kitchen takes a little thought.  First you must determine what you will be using the mixer for.  This is very important if you are using the juicer for health reasons.  Juicers make it very easy to extract nutrients from veggies and fruit, giving your body a natural boost.

When you buy a juicer you must determine the speed you need.  High speeds are great for frothy drinks but a low speed can also be beneficial .  A lower setting will preserve more  enzymes because higher speeds create heat which destroys these nutrients.  A best buy would be a juicer with a range of options.

You will also want to consider the capacity of the juicer.  Are you making juice for one or for a family?  Do you have a large kitchen with a lot of storage?  Is your kitchen small?  You must consider how the juicer will be stored and choose a size accordingly.

Also, when buying a juicer consider the ease of clean up.  You not enjoy your juice if you have to drink while thinking of the mess you still have to clean.  Many juicers are very easy to clean.  It is well worth your time to look for one.


There are basically two types of mixers, hand held and up-right.  This will be the first decision you must make when buying a mixer.  Determine what you will use the mixer for, and the space you have available in order to choose the correct one for you.

When buying a mixer you must also consider power.  Hand held mixers generally have 175 watt motors while an industrial mixer can have 750 watts.  Again, think about what you will using the mixer for.  A best mixer buy for the home will fall somewhere between 175 and 750 watts.

Mixer speeds vary between mixers.  The best mixers will have approximately 6 speeds and a very low speed to prevent splattering.

Size and weight are important factors to consider when you buy a mixer.  Will the mixer stay on your counter or be stored in a drawer of cabinet? How much space do you have between your countertop and the bottom of the cabinet above?  These questions will help you buy a mixer that will fit in your kitchen.

Also look for a mixer that is easy to clean.  You will want a mixer that has dishwasher safe parts and is easy to reassemble after cleaning.  Your best buy?  A modest mixer.  You will want to buy a mixer that fits into your space and has the features you need.