Mobile Cell Phone SMS A versatile method for marketing

By Gill articles Published 10/1/2008 | Advertising

One of the vital means of information passage is mobile phone SMS. This facility has been increasingly used as a modern marketing technique by all players in the marketing field. The SMS marketing has grown in the last few years exponentially. The mobile cell phones are widely used to send and receive messages.

Presently with the advent of greater applications of Internet, SMS messaging is possible through internet connected computers as well. This is a very simple, but efficient means to reach thousands of customers globally. Mobile cell phone SMS has many advantages. It is one of the cheapest ways of marketing. This advertising technique can be used irrespective of the national boundaries. It is the best method to pass on the information about a new product in a minimal time. This helps the entrepreneurs to market their products in a rapid scale.

Some of the great facilities of Mobile Cell phone SMS become handy to the marketing people. These facilities include

  • Bulk sending of text messages. The marketing strategists are very happy with the envious facility of bulk messaging. This helps them to reach out to the customer community in a short period at a minimal cost and effort.
  • All mobile cell phone holders are potential customers. No one requires any additional software or hardware. A simple handy mobile cell phone is sufficient to communicate between the people.
  • Any novice can use the mobile cell phones for messaging purposes. The system is very simple and is more convenient. As the mobile phone holder carries the cell phone with him all through the day, it helps the marketing people to reach the customer directly at ease.
  • Mobile cell phone SMS is cheap and hence very cost effective for the marketing strategists. In turn they get high quality customer service facility as well.
  • The saving in the marketing front can be diverted to the product cost and hence the entrepreneurs could sell their product at a discounted rate. Absolutely this turns out to be the sale of increased volume of products.
  • With the modern advancements in the technology, the bandwidth of the messaging is very high. This helps the marketers to send the information at a high speed, within seconds one can reach a customer, wherever he is.
  • Mobile cell phone SMS has become a handy tool for the customer care support. This SMS facility helps the customers to reach the customer care staff with ease and without loosing much money and time.

Many business houses are using the great facility of mobile cell phone SMS to usher the business. This has been very successful and has been set to grow further and further to great heights.