Satellite Radio : The New Entertainment of the Digital Age

By Gill articles Published 10/1/2008 | Entertainment

This is the age of communications. With the orbiting of many versatile satellites, communication now has become very easy. So are the entertainments. Communication satellites are nowadays used for broadcasting digital radio signals. The major benefit of the satellite radio, also known as subscription radio (SR), is that it can cover much wider geographical locations without much complexity or signal lose. Terrestrial radio signals will not able to locations which are way and geographically not consistent.

Satellite radio has already established its position as the new entertainment technique of the digital age. It is a very effective and resourceful alternative to the terrestrial radio services in many countries, especially countries with wide topographical and geological locations. The audiences in the wide regions of the country can enjoy the same radio programs through the satellite radio. There are many service providers for satellite radio in United States of America. They include Sirius, Worldspace and XM. These offer mobile radio services enabling the travelers to capture the same audio programs all across the great continent.

Thanks to the modern technological advancements. Many satellite radios, provided by mobile service providers, have come with in built receiver capacity and hence one can get the radio programs without the use of dish antenna. These radio services are typically provided by commercial entrepreneurs and mostly are based on subscriptions. That is why it is nicknamed as subscription radio. There are other services like Muzak’s satellite or Music choice, which require stationary receivers with a high gain dish antenna. In such cases the antenna requires a clear visibility of the satellite. In the geographical locations with undulated hilly terrains, big tall buildings, wide parking garages and other such places will end up with obscure signal quality.

Typically the radio services provided by the service providers will be with proprietary signals which essentially requires specialized hardware and software to decode the signals and playback the radio services. The digital radio signals are converted to audio signals with the help of the techno savvy receiver.

Satellite Radio offers varieties of programs to its audiences. These include music programs, live chats, news, weather reports, sports related programs and many programs dealing with health and fitness. The satellite radio targets all kinds of audience irrespective of the age and region. The one major feature of the satellite radio is that mostly it is commercial free, as the satellite radio providers get subscriptions from the customers.

There are many business applications to the satellite radios. Great minds of business tapped the great advantages of the satellite radio for their business benefits. A simple example is the use of satellite radio music as the background music in hotels and restaurants. the applications of satellite radio TV is going to flourish more and more in the near future.