How to enjoy dating and make each date special

By Mansi articles Published 10/2/2008 | Relationships

Whether you are dating just for a single social occasion, or trying to turn a date into a more permanent relationship, the date itself needs a little prior planning and preparation to make it important and special to both of you. As with anything important, a little planning, preparation and strategy makes a significant difference to the likely outcome, increasing the chance of a successful and enjoyable outing.

Firstly, spend some time really thinking about the person that the date is with. Who is the person, what are their interests, what are their likes and dislikes? What sort of date will be special for them, what suits their interests and their likes? A romantic dinner? A movie and walk along the beach? A mountain bike excursion? Going dancing? Attending a local sports game? The important thing is that you are considering their interest and enjoyment as being the most important in the decision, more important than your own. The whole point of the date is to have an enjoyable social occasion with that special person, and this will only happen if they are in surroundings they enjoy and are comfortable with, preferably surroundings that allow the two of you to communicate as well. If the date is going to require a booking e.g. at a restaurant or similar, you should at least contact the intended destination to determine what your chances are of getting a ticket or a table on the preferred day. Book it if possible, on the proviso that you can cancel or re-schedule if the chosen day or time doesnít meet with your dateís timetable. There is nothing as frustrating as arranging a date with someone special only to find that you canít get into your venue on that date, and having to contact your date again and reschedule due to bad planning. Itís best to be as prepared as possible.

Once you have decided on the occasion, the next challenge is to actually ask the person. While the (very old) stereotypes said that a lady should always wait for the man to ask first, that attitude is (hopefully) well gone now, and either person should feel free to invite that someone special on their chosen outing. Again, the idea is to make this a personal contact that makes the person feel special, and make them feel that you are being thoughtful and considerate. The closer you can make it to a direct and personal contact the better. Face-to-face is best; a phone call would be a secondary option, with e-mail or texting almost a last option, as it is a much more impersonal approach. However, even with email, there are ways to spice up a simple message into something special, by including images and animations that elicit a smile or a surprise that make the message itself a welcome arrival.

Having an outing specifically planned for the individual is going to make the date more attractive to that person, increasing the likelihood of them accepting the invitation.

The date itself is the pinnacle of all this planning, and takes no less preparation than the previous planning. Dress appropriately to the occasion, and try to look your best. Whether we like it or not, the reality is that most people make assumptions and judgements based on their first perceptions of a person. So the best way to start the date in the best frame of mind is to ensure that their first perceptions of you are as good as you can realistically make it.

Then try to relax as much as possible (I know this isnít always easy, but someone who is tense and on edge is usually less enjoyable to be with), try to be as natural as possible, and be attentive to your date. The date is mainly about them, not about you, so focus on them, listen openly and talk honestly.

After the date, follow it up within a day or two, telling them that you enjoyed your time together, and possibly planning another future meeting. But it is most important that the date is not just ignored and that the person is contacted shortly enough afterwards that the date is still fresh and enjoyable in their mind, and they havenít had too much time to get concerned about your silence.

So plan your date, prepare for it, and make it as important for that special person as it is to you, and enjoy a great time together!