The Essential features of Virtual Telephone Systems

By Gill articles Published 10/2/2008 | Entrepreneur

The telephone system is considered as the most important infrastructure of a company. Telephone system is essential for all kinds of activities of a company, beginning from the communication among its employees to customer care support. As this is a very vital communication tool for the perfect working of a business establishment or a company, it should have some certain prescribed standards.

The most important objective for the telephone systems in the company will be that it should able to cater for the present and future business needs. It should be affordable for the company. Large establishments will able to support large infrastructures of widely useful telephone systems. There are many virtual telephone systems which are very much affordable for the small business establishments as well. These kinds of virtual phone systems are perfect and ideal for the small companies looking for high end telephone usage at a less cost.

Typically a virtual PBX system is the option for a small establishment. This can be implemented through Internet protocol medium or through a switching network. The main advantage of this system is that it operates from the site of the telephone system service provider and hence it is very much comfortable for the customers. They need not buy, install or maintain the telephone system. Also they can avoid buying of any equipment. This helps in reducing the expense. The customer needs to pay monthly subscriptions in accordance with their usage of the system.

As the virtual telephone systems works in a shared basis among various customers, the amount a customer need to pay is very less. Also this VoIP system has all the features and facilities of the so called EPBX systems. These virtual telephone systems are highly reliable and get the connectivity with a faster bandwidth. The advantages of these virtual telephone systems are many and hence most of the small business establishments have already installed this system in their company.

There are many versatile features for this virtual communication tool. They functions very effectively as a virtual receptionist. It has the auto attendant facility. This provides music on hold comfort to the customers in line and it offers call forwarding facility as well. It can identify the caller ID and also get the voice mails without any disruption. It can be connected to other communication tools such as Fax, messages from the email sites and also helps the customer to get easy response.

The versatile feature of the auto attendant facility provides the customers a menu of options such as dial by extension number; connect by name and many such items. The virtual telephone systems can be personalized by adding many other features required by the customers. As it is internet and software driven, the addition of many viable facilities is possible without much complexities and expense.

Virtual telephone systems have already gained momentum in the small business field. So it is the best time for the small business entrepreneurs to opt for this excellent telephone system.