How to buy cheap cars abroad

By San Articles Published 10/3/2008 | Auto and Trucks

Buying cheap cars abroad usually takes place in two settings: when you buy a car yourself while in a foreign country and when you buy a car online from a foreign country. 

Foreigners who buy cheap cars in other countries are those who are either employed on a long-term basis, students who attend college in a foreign land and tourists or backpackers who intend to stay for some time trekking and taking a tour around the countryside. In most of these cases, a car is a necessity and not a luxury. If you are in this situation, make a list of some reminders you are sure will not slip off your mind: 

* In any case, always make sure that the dealer owns the car you are buying, with all the complete documents, and check if the registration matches the unit or window etching.

* If you are a backpacker and asked by a dealer when your flight is, don’t let them smell desperation or urgency, you can always answer smartly by saying ‘when the car gets disposed’.

* To be able to make a thorough check of the car deal, the papers and the documents, show up early to be able to finish every step including if applicable onsite transfer and mechanical inspections.

* It may also be wise to seek some advice from your local hostels, hotels and lodges for some practical tips, who knows they may even have free service offered.

* Make sure that the car has just come into the circuit with one lady owner with a full service history, this cheap car may take some time to find but it does exist

* Does a test drive yourself or if not possible, ask the dealer or the seller to take you on a ride doing a brake sharp and fast acceleration.

* To have a good buy, make sure you have some basic knowledge about cars and what to look for or else buy from a dealer with good reputation (check the Internet and gather feedback from his clients).

* Make sure all mechanical and electrical parts are well in place; no fluid leaking, no gearbox problem, stops sharp when you want to, with lights functioning fully, and is generally in good condition.

* Take note of other expenses necessary; transfer of vehicle ownership to your name, registration of property, car insurance to cover any untoward incident, and the like.

* Remember, when in doubt you can always take a step back and think. 

In the similar case but different setting, a person buying online from overseas need to take note of some considerations. Extra care is needed in this case as it is very difficult to decide when you do not see the vehicle yourself. More so if the tests are not done in your presence, you have to take further steps to ensure your money’s worth: 

* Be sure that the location of the seller and the vehicle are the same, as well as where they are asking you to send money. If they are different, be sure to know why? Do not make the mistake of sending money thru money transfer (i.e. Moneygram, Western union or other services). People you talk with thru the phone or communicate with thru the internet may never be traceable.

* Make arrangements with the seller to see the car – there are many cheap flights, or you can ask a friend is appropriate and applicable to see it for you. If any of this arrangement is possible yet the seller is throwing plenty of excuses, walk away from the deal.

* Do not allow the seller to identify the escrow or shipping agent, get your own shipping agent. In case you allow the seller to identify so and the website turns out a scam after you sent your money, it’s too late.

* Make sure you know who you are dealing with, ask for in-depth information and proper identification.

* If you smell something fishy happening, take some time to contact the proper authorities for them to be aware of your situation. This will make sure that you are kept safe.