Tips on how to buy a car at a dealership

By San Articles Published 10/3/2008 | Auto and Trucks

Everyone wants to save as much as they can. This includes most importantly when buying a car. Car dealers, no matter how you see it, will not reveal the actual price of cars they are selling. In the car sales world this is a natural phenomenon, the dealer has to profit and make a living however, the buyer also needs to save to make a living. This is a mutual need they have established and is where they should be negotiating for. The common factor then is for the buyer and the seller to have a very good negotiating skill. 

This skill on the other hand is enhanced as you build your knowledge further. The dealer is definitely armed with loads of information about the vehicle and is ready to face you in the negotiating table. As a buyer, here are some things to bear in mind for you to be able to level in the negotiating field, make sure this experience will not be scary and the worse thing that happens in your life: 

* Build knowledge n how to spot a scam from a salesman

* Identify which time of the year is best to buy a new car

* Get some details on how a good purchase is done

* Gather information on financing a new car

* Study the steps to be able to give your opening price

Some questions to ponder on in the process of your preparation are to reflect on what the car salesman do when he goes off to talk with his boos and leave you sitting in the sales office, think about what is really happening at the back rooms of car dealerships, what tricks salespeople use to for an increased profit and how you as a buyer can avoid overpaying.

What must a buyer do to be able to protect herself/himself from all these possible problems? The most feasible weapon for all these is to BE PREPARED! You might be thinking itís not so much of a hassle but it is when you finally realized you have been had for more than $3,000 the original price of your car. To be able to prepare, here are some basic pointers:

* Start browsing online for car prices, get quotes, print invoices and find the car of your dream

* Make sure your credit review is accurate to maximize your savings from additional interest with longer terms of payment

* Get your loan pre-approved and avoid requesting your dealer arrange it to avoid extra commission

* Get a free quote for your insurance, review and be able to estimate the most practical cost

* Make sure you are aware hw a car dealer works, it give you a leverage to cope with your dealer at the negotiating field

* Know the values of your trade-ins

* Make sure you have a wide knowledge on how much warranties cost

* When in actual transaction, make sure everything is written

Contracts must be read thoroughly and understood, slow down and read on

Collate your information and seek other expert advice from friends, your mechanic or even consultants you can trust.