What is the difference between Nintendo Game Boy and PS series ?

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 10/4/2008 | Games

The first obvious difference between Nintendo Game Boy and the PS series Nintendo is the size. It is a platform game whose size is so reduced one can hold it in oneís hand, slip it in their pocket and carry it anywhere. The Nintendo game boy is a simple device to use, it fits in the palm of the hand and is controlled with the use of four controls, one start and one stop button. With this straightforward console, one may sit down anywhere and enjoy games such as Tetris, Mario and other racing games.

Everyone is familiar with the name Nintendo Game boy, even those who do not actually use video games. The quality of Nintendo Game Boy has kept this game going for the past ten years now and has now been succeeded by the Game Boy Micro. Previously the original Game Boy Advance fitted in many pockets comfortably, but now Game Boy Micro has improved on the already small dimensions and measures four inches in width, two inches in length and is only 0.7 inches deep.

The PlayStation on the other hand, although it is still a portable version and can be of very small dimensions, such as the PSP which is a hand held console, is usually fit with a control pad and the over all dimensions and weight of the console are larger than those of the Nintendo Game Boy. Another difference between Nintendo Game Boy and the PS series is that the latter has external connectors to the unit, rendering it less comfortable to use and transport with respect to the Game Boy.

The PS2 as well as the PSP can play DVDs and standard CDs as well as PlayStation game discs, which is also another big difference between the Nintendo Game Boy and the PS series, for the Game Boy works with a rechargeable battery, and although the memory card can be plugged into computers or televisions, as can the console, this use is only to enhance the visual effects for Game Boys cannot play DVDs and CDs.

An additional difference between Nintendo Game Boy and the PS series is that the PSP version is equipped with Wi-Fi, this allows anyone to connect with other players wirelessly as well as connecting to Internet, and new advanced technology such as cameras and GPS devices will also expand its potential.

Essentially the Nintendo Game Boy, though it can be connected via USB port to others, is a pure gaming device that offers a multitude of game titles and provides sharp images on a sharp backlit screen, whose brightness can be adjusted to adapt to different outdoor and indoor light intensities and headphones can also be added for more sound effects. Game Boy can be found in various models each with different features according to the personís needs, with the now more sophisticated looking notebook models aimed at an adult public.

One last and not least difference between the Nintendo Game Boy and the PS series is the added movement effect, which is not possible with the Game Boy at least for now! The PS3 now proposes the innovative Sixaxis controller that allows you to tilt, turn and twist the controller, to turn it right and left and up and down without having to push buttons, thus adding improved excitement to game playing.