Cyprus Vacation Tips and Travel Ideas

By Brat articles Published 10/5/2008 | Travel

Cyprus is a famous tourist destination and a lot of people go there for enjoying the beach, water sports and the night life. It is a great place for the people who want to relax for sometime, away from their daily work schedule. Cyprus has the ability to charge up people so that they can go back to work with a positive energy in them.

There are certain vacation tips that one must remember before leaving for a vacation to Cyprus. Some of them are:

-          All necessary documents including the passport and visa must be kept handy but safe so that you do not face any trouble entering the beach or even during your stay in Cyprus. If you are not very comfortable carrying your originals everywhere, be sure to always carry their photocopy at least.

-          North Cyprus is usually sunny and the weather remains warm. There are also times where there is rain and the weather gets cooler after that. The best option when deciding the kind of clothes to carry, would be to pack some summer as well as some warm clothes for the trip.

-          A lot of people go to Cyprus for the purpose of hiking and if you are one of them, then you must be sure to carry appropriate kind of shoes and clothes for hiking. It may not be very convenient to buy such things at a short momentís notice there. Also, if there is any kind of booking required for this activity, it will be better to get the tickets booked in advance so that you do not face any disappointment later.

-          You may want to do a lot of photography in Cyprus, but remember that is not allowed to do photography in or around the military area there. You will also require a license to click pictures in the museum as well. This license can be obtained from the ticket desk of the museum itself. Also keep in mind that no flash photography will be allowed in the churches which have murals.

-          It is considered very impolite to refuse a Greek coffee or cold drink in Cyprus. Keep this in mind when you visit someone there. It is good manners to take a bottle of wine along with you when you go to somebodyís house for a meal.

-          The main airports of Cyprus are the Larnaca or the LCA which is located 5 km south of Larnaca and the Pafos (PFO) which is present 9 km away from the eastern part of the city. You can get taxi service to take you to and from the airport here.

-          Sale of duty free tobacco and alcohol is banned in Cyprus. In case you carry any such stuff, you will be stopped at the customs desk where you will have to prove that everything that you are carrying with you is for your personal use and you have no intentions of selling it anywhere there.

One of the efficient ways to move around Cyprus is by the Nicosia buses and other similar services are available in the other towns of Cyprus as well.