Hawaii Vacation Tips and Travel Ideas

By Brat Ezilon.com articles Published 10/5/2008 | Travel

Hawaii is the synonym for exotic beaches and beautiful weather all through the year. There are numerous resorts all around the beaches and it is a favorite spot for all the sun bathers and water lovers. There are certain basic precautions that you must take when planning the trip to Hawaii and some of them are:

-          If the beach that you plan to go is in some remote area and there are no chances to have a life guard there, the better option would be to just sun bathe and take a lot of pictures there but do not go for swimming. Even of you are a champion swimmer, the waters of the ocean are quite unpredictable and it is a big risk to go for swimming in such a place where there is no life guard.

-          Be sure to read all possible information about the beach that you plan to visit so that you are aware of the timings of the current and also of the low tides and high tides. They may also let you know about the kinds of fishes that are present there like the jelly fish and so on. It will be very helpful to plan your trip.

-          If you planning to go for snorkeling, it will be a good idea to talk to the life guard of the beach as he might tell you the right snorkeling spots as well as any other information that need to know before you enter the water there. It is always suggested that you go snorkeling with a partner so that the two of you can keep a check on each other in the water.

-          Keep your eyes open for rocks in the water. A number of times, people get so much immersed in watching the fish and the vegetation in water that they forget to watch out for the rocks that they might bang in. It can prove to be very hazardous if you do not watch out.

-          Apply a lot of sunscreen as well as a rash guard so that you can prevent yourself from sun burns as well as any rashes that may occur in the sun or in water. It is a must to apply both these things on the bodies of children as their skins are very delicate and more prone to such problems.

-          Usually the weather of Hawaii is pleasant all through the year, but the tourist season is from December to March when everything gets costlier than usual and the crowds are also more at that time. If possible, plan your trip during the months other than these three months so that you can get everything at a reasonable price and the beaches are not that crowded.

There are a lot of options in Hawaii including the luxury spas, surfing, playing golf, great nightlife and so on. If you want to enjoy all these things in one trip, it is important to plan your trip carefully so that you have enough time for each activity and there is no chaos at that time.