New York Vacation Tips and Travel Ideas

By Brat articles Published 10/5/2008 | Travel

New York is the city for work and holiday, fun and education, history and culture. There is something or the other for each and every individual who goes there. A little bit of research and planning can make the trip to New York a life time experience.

There are certain travel ideas and tips that one must keep in mind when planning the trip to New York and also when actually in New York. Some of them are:

-          When you go to visit the Central Park, you will find a number of artists all around the place who offer their services for quite an acceptable price and their work is usually fantastic. You can try one of them and their work will usually act like a souvenir for you.  A lot of people go to the Central Park for fitness reasons also. It is important to be careful when you go for jogging there as the number of people there is huge and there are some stones and bricks also present in an unleveled manner which can make you stumble if you do not watch out for them.

-          There are a lot of events held in New York at various times of the year and to know their seasons and timings; it would be a good idea to buy some specialized New York calendars which have all such details. It will not only help you in planning your sight seeing better, it will also make you more aware of what all you can experience and in which season.

-          There are often long queues wherever you go in New York, but you can avoid them to a great extent if you plan your trip a little. There is no need to visit the Empire State Building during the day when it remains open till 2:00 in the night and it is usually empty in the nights.

-          Usually all tourists take bus tours from Times Square to Statue of Liberty and that is why there are long queues there also. You can go the other way round where you can visit the downtown in the morning when it is a little less crowded and come to the middle part of the city during the afternoon.

-          Manhattan is best seen on foot. There a lot of bus tours as well as taxi services available to show you around Manhattan but the place is so crowded that the better option to visit it would be by walking there.

-          New York is also famous for its Broadway shows and it is always better to book the tickets in advance so that you are able to get the tickets for the desired show and you can save a lot of time which would have been otherwise wasted by standing in the line for tickets.

New York vacation can be one of the best trips of your life is you can make a little effort is planning it and getting all the tickets booked in advance because one of the major hassles that the tourists face there is the long queues present everywhere in the city.