Thailand Vacation Tips and Travel Ideas

By Brat articles Published 10/5/2008 | Travel

Thailand is a wonderful tourist destination. A lot of people go there for vacation every year and it is an important business place also. There have been some health problems like Chicken flu in the place, but if you check it out with the health department there, they can tell you the status at that time and ways how you will be able to keep yourself safe there. Some of the tips that you must keep in mind while planning your trip to Thailand are:

-          Be sure to visit your doctor and check your vaccination status and take the booster shots if required, before going to Thailand. Some areas in Thailand are considered to be highly prone to Malaria and it will be a good idea to consult with the doctor about the anti-malaria pills.

-          If you are pregnant or suffer from diseases like HIV or any other chronic disease, you must consult your physician before planning a trip to Thailand. You may need to take several precautions at the time of the trip.

-          Thailand is considered to be a popular place for sex workers. People planning to indulge in any such activity there must practice safe sex and should always use the right precautions during the act.

-          The food in Thailand is extremely delicious. You just need to be careful about the tables and the utensils in which the food is served and also the overall hygiene of the people who work there and the place itself. If possible avoid using ice from the market, do not consume food that has been left in the sun for a long period of time as it may have got infected by bacteria.

-          Do not scream or argue with the local Thai people or the Thai police. You must show proper respect towards them and their culture.

-          You may come across a lot of sellers on the road side as well as on the beach. Be patient with them and either ignore them or politely say “No Thank You” and move away from them.

-          Always remember to ask the price for the massage or spa on the beach or of the food that you order or when you rent a water scooter and so on. If you forget to ask, you may end up paying twice the price at the end.

-          Be sure to remove your shoes when you visit any Thai person’s home or a Thai temple. It is considered inauspicious and against the culture to wear shoes and go to such places there.

-          There are very high chances of robbery of wallets and mobile phones in Thailand. Take proper care of your things when you move around on the streets or even when you are in an expensive shopping mall or restaurant.

-          The fines imposed if someone is found to be carrying drugs in Thailand are very high. Take care that you do not carry any such stuff with you otherwise you may even land up with a death penalty for this crime.