Italy Vacation Tips and Travel Ideas

By Brat articles Published 10/5/2008 | Travel

Italy is a dream destination for all the people who are interested in history, culture and Pizza. Some of the travel ideas to Italy are:

-          If you want a cheap way to travel and have kids also with you, one idea would be to travel to south instead of going to the north. There will be no difference if you stretch around on the beaches of Puglia instead of doing the same thing on the beaches of Sardinia. It will help you save some money and without hampering the fun.

-          A very comfortable and cheap way of staying Italy is by staying in a Bed and Breakfast accommodation. They are much cheaper than any hotel and are quite comfortable and cozy as well. You can always book rooms in the smaller towns as they will be cheaper as compared to the ones in bigger cities.

-          One vey efficient way to commute in Italy is through the rail, buses and vaporetto. Their passes come in quite cheap and if you are among the people who like to travel a lot, they are the best way to do so. You can also walk to some of the places which will be a very good way to experience the beauty of Italy.

-          The culture of giving tips is not there in Italy. So remember that you also do not give tips as the people there might feel offended by this nature of yours.

-          If you like to run and if you are planning to visit Venice in the first week of October, you can participate in the The Race of Lighthouse or better known as La Corsa Dei Fari. It is a 31 km long marathon which either you opt to run whole or you can choose to run 21 km or 10 km options also. This marathon is held on October 5th every year.

-          Another major festival in Italy is the Pizza festival in Naples. It is held from September 11th to September 21st every year. A lot of restaurants participate in this festival and it a great chance to taste the “Pizza Napoletana” in the same city from where it originated.

-          One more destination popular among the tourists is Assisi. It is usually a day trip from Florence or Rome, but if you can manage to stay one night there, you will be able to see so much more than just the Basilica of S.francesco.

-          You must taste the local food at a local restaurant in Italy. There are chances that the taste of the food will be much better there and the price will also be lower.

-          If you want your vacation to remain in your budget, you can go to the supermarket and buy lots of snacks and water which you can then carry wherever you go. It will help you a lot of money on snacks and water.

Italy vacation can be a memorable one for the entire family if you have planned it properly and moved as per the plan.