Paris, France Vacation Tips and Ideas

By Brat articles Published 10/5/2008 | Travel

A holiday in Paris is something we all dream of. It is important to plan every holiday very carefully so that the entire trip is a wonderful memory with no regrets or sour incidents. Trip to Paris, France also requires some amount of planning and certain tips like any other vacation. Some of the things that one must keep in mind when planning a vacation in Paris are:

-          The flight tickets must be booked well in advance so that one can get a good fare and it also acts as a head start for the journey. Once the tickets have been booked, the feeling of actually going sinks in and it becomes easier to make rest of the plans then.

-          Next important thing is the booking of a hotel. It depends from individual to individual on the kind of lodging that he or she would prefer. Some want all the luxuries in the place where they stay while for others it just needs to be a room where they can keep their luggage and can sleep when they want to. The earlier these bookings are done, higher are the chances of getting a desired kind of room at comparatively low rate.

-          If the vacation is a romantic one, it will be a good idea to enquire about the romantic spots in Paris and then definitely visit them. One of them is the Pont des Arts which is a pedestrian bridge from where the view of a sunset is breathtakingly beautiful and is recommended by all travel agencies as well.

-          There are various travel and tour agencies which can help in organizing the vacation to France, but it is always better to do some research yourself also. For example, one of the major attractions in Paris is Shopping. If one knows the right spots for shopping, there are chances that he or she will be able to save a lot of money which would be otherwise wasted on buying the same things for higher cost at a more expensive shopping place.

-          There are two kinds of tours in Paris- bike tours and bus tours. It depends on the traveler on what mode of transportation he prefers and how does he like to move around in the place.

-          When in France, live like French. It is always a good idea to explore the local food and understand the local people when one visits some place. Pizzas and Burgers are always there, but one can also check out the local cuisines prepared there. Knowing the culture of Paris will also be a good exposure for the people interested in the traditions and people of Paris.

These are some of the tips that will prove to be helpful if kept in mind when planning a trip to Paris, France. It is important to have the entire trip planned before hand so that at no point of time does one feel lost or unprepared for any particular part of the journey. Paris is a beautiful city and can be one of the most memorable vacations for anyone going there.