Croatia Vacation Tips and Travel Reviews

By Brat articles Published 10/5/2008 | Travel

Croatia is a combination of the best features of Italy and Greek Islands. There are facilities for scuba diving, sailing, basking on some of the most beautiful beaches and so on. However, there are certain things that you must keep in mind when planning your vacation in Croatia and some of those things are:

-          Cash is usually not a problem in Croatia as there a lot Automatic Teller Machines from where local currency can be taken and the rates that they provides are at times better than what is offered by the travelers check. The local currency in Croatia is Kuna but a lot of hotels and shops offer the price in Euros as the majority of tourists are from the countries where the currency is Euro.

-          Buying alcohol and cigarettes from a local shop proves to be cheaper than buying them from a duty free shop at the airport. If you are a regular smoker or drink alcohol on a regular basis, the suggested option would be to buy them from a local store.

-          The Croatian coffee is much stronger than the traditional American coffee. So when you order coffee, be sure to add a lot of sugar and milk to almost one fourth cup of coffee, otherwise it will become very difficult to drink it.

-          The weather of Croatia is extremely pleasant in September but a number of tourist spots usually close down by that time. You must find out the timings of the places you intend to visit before getting the tickets of the flight booked.

-          Languages spoken by the elder people of Croatia are mostly German or Russian and if you are not very familiar with these languages, it would be a wise decision to carry the dictionary with you. However, the younger generation does speak English and they can also help you by translating the other two languages to English.

-          One of the exciting ways to explore Croatia is by driving. The geography of the entire place is very diverse including the big mountains and valleys. The cultures and language also vary along the way. The shape of the country is also very different and it resembles that of a Croissant.

-          Some of the adventurous trips to Croatia include the biking trips, hiking, exploring the scenic beauty of the place and so on. Some people like diving and the islands in the Adriatic are few of the best places for it. You not only see the aquatic life here, you also get a chance to see coral reefs and caves underwater.

-          Rock climbing is another adventure activity in Croatia and people usually go to the Paklenica National Forest or Biokovo or the Marjan Forest for it. These places are preferred for mountain climbing because they are made up of karst which makes them an ideal place for climbing.

Croatia has a lot of museums and memorials which can be witnessed by the people who love history and have an interest in the old cultures and traditions. The food and the Croatian wine are not to be missed features and every single person who tastes them falls in love with them.