European Cruises and Ships Reviews

By Brat articles Published 10/5/2008 | Travel

Cruises have taken various forms from the time they were introduced. They are now available in the forms of Ocean cruises, ferries, cruises for local sightseeing and so on. European Cruises in particular are very popular and one should try and go on at least one such cruise.

European cruises are a great way to witness the art, history and the scenic beauty of the whole place and that too without facing any traffic jams and any kind or air or noise pollution, without standing in the long queues everywhere.

Some of the other advantages of the European cruise are:

-          All important cities in Europe were built on the river banks and usually the ships sail during the night so that the passengers get the day times to explore the various places. There are guided tours available for the passengers who want help or they can also go by themselves.

-          The cruise can be an ocean cruise or a river cruise; you will need to unpack your stuff only one time and then you can stay comfortably there till you are on the ship. The entire vacation is cheaper as compared to staying in the various expensive hotels across the continent and moving around in taxis.

Some of the other aspects of going on a cruise include:

-          You do not get to interact much with the local people of the place you visit and you also do not get to experience the local culture in detail when you do not stay there.

-          The time taken on a European Cruise is much more than the time taken if you travel by road or by air.

-          The time one gets to see one city is very less as compared to the time that is actually required. If we try to think of seeing New York or Washington DC in only 10 or 12 hours, it is practically impossible to cover all the major spots in the city in such a less time period.

Another popular form of cruising is the Barge Cruising which was initiated in the second half on the 1960s. Some of the barges are very slow and cover less distance in one week than what a car would cover in two hours. They provide the passengers a lot of time to experience the local towns and cities wherever they halt. It is one of the best ways to relax and add some fresh air to one’s system.

European ferries are another form of cruises which connect the continental Europe with Britain. They have accommodations based on all kinds of budgets. Some of them are:

-          Deck passage: This is a low fare accommodation and is usually available in the ferry liners which move in Southern Europe.

-          Couchettes: There are curtains in the cabins and they can adjust a minimum of six travelers in them and it has the lowest fare attached with it.

-          Deluxe Cabins: These cabins do not have bunk beds; rather they have one bed on the side of the other bed and are also equipped with facilities like an on call steward, a continental breakfast and so on.

European cruises are a great way of vacationing in Europe, away from the daily traffic and stress levels.