Visit Guadeloupe Island for fun filled Vacation: Tips and Ideas

By Gill articles Published 10/10/2008 | Travel

Are you looking for a fantastic option to rejuvenate yourself? Are you seeking for a fun filled vacation? Are you dreaming about a merrymaking tour with your family? Are you exploring the possibilities of a secluded stay away from the madding crowds of city? Are you eagerly waiting to see the breathtaking natural attractions? Guadeloupe Island vacation is the answer for all the above questions.

A relaxing, fun filled tropical place for vacation is Guadeloupe Island. Soft sandy beaches in Guadeloupe Island with all its attractive features are inviting to all tourists for a lifelong experience. Sandy beaches stretching miles are lovely and the coastline in Guadeloupe is exquisite with reverberating attractions and nature’s gifts. The sands across the coastline are imposing with white sands at Grande-Terre, blackish sands at Basse-Terre and the beautiful brown colored sands at leeward coast. If you like to see natural volcanoes, you can visit the coastal regions of Basse-Terre.

Guadeloupe, the natural Island is basically consists of two islands, Grand Terre and Basse-Terre, giving a look of a butterfly to the combined Island. These two major islands are separated by a salt river. There are smaller islands as well. They include Marie Galante,  La Desirade and Iles de la Saintes. It is a French colonial region and has culturally interesting mixture of European and Caribbean.

The major attraction in Guadeloupe is the water sports facilities available in the shores. It is best for diving and snorkeling. This region is very attractive with amazing coral reefs mostly placed very close to the beaches. Multi colored fauna and underwater species exist in this region in abundance, especially in the crystal clear Cousteau Reserve. The Pigeon Isles is acclaimed to be one among the best spots having an underwater sanctuary.

This is a very popular destination among the tourists. Especially the places like Pointe des Châteaux, Pointe-à-Pitre, Pointe de la Grande Vigie, Saint-François, Gosier, Port Louis and Le Moule. These are all excellent diving spots. The Guadeloupe Island has vast farmlands attractive with lush green vegetations. The region offers the spectacular views of the natural settings in the backdrop of coral reefs, cliffs and rolling hills. 

Pointe des Chateaux , the Castles Point, is the home to the impressive rocks created by the ferocious waves hitting the sandy beaches. Sainte-Anne beach is marvelous with adventurous swimming facilities. Saint Francois thrives with rich landscapes and fishermen ports. This is an ideal spot for shopping and fishing. The region has many excellent resorts for the homely stay as well. Prior bookings in the resorts are highly appreciated.

When you visit this amazing location of Guadeloupe Island, make sure that you are not missing any of the grandeur sites and do not forget to indulge in breathtaking water sports activities.