Grandeur Attractions of Grenada Island

By Gill articles Published 10/11/2008 | Travel

Grenada Island is considered as one of the most admired Caribbean tourist destinations in North America. The major attractive element in this marvelous island is its rich culture. This is a grandeur location wherein people live in a festive mood all through the year. The tourists to Grenada Island realize the nature’s gifts to human folks and also the experience they get from the vacation in this majestic island is unimaginable.

There are many attractions for the enthusiastic tourists to visit in Grenada Island. Some of the major attractions are narrated here.

Grand Anse White beaches are the imposing shore line places in this grand attractive tourist destination. This is an ideal beach for sun bathing. The soft sandy beaches offer all rejuvenating effects. Lie down on the banks under the naked sky and close both eyes to enjoy the cool breeze and tranquility. There are many beach parties attended by the locals and tourists. Enjoy these magnificent parties to have memorable experiences of beach life for life long. 

Grenada Island is well known for its spicy items. Nutmeg Factories are important attractions in this region. You can see the traditional ways of processing and packing of nutmegs in these factories. Cocoa plantations and nutmeg plantations are sure to give you eye catching sceneries in this lush green Island.

For a family vacation, Grenada Islands stands to be the best with many impressive national parks. These national parks are carved out aiming at protecting the rainforests. These parks are highly eco friendly and protect the coral reefs. These parks are famous for Oyster patches which any traveler wish to see and enjoy.

Come to the hot springs in the Sallee River. This is a place with many legendary stories and myths. The common belief is that visiting these hot springs are sacred and blissful. Here you can throw a coin to the spiraling water and make a wish. It is believed that the wish will come true in the near future.

Adventurous tourists can opt for hiking and trekking in Grenada Islands. Renowned Mount Sinai is the perfect location for hiking. There are many short treks in this region with mild to tough challenges. The natural settings of the region are amazing.

Do not forget to engage in water sports activities in the beaches. One can enjoy swimming, fishing and snorkeling in the Island. It is the natural habitat of many Caribbean marine animals.

The most impressive festivities in Grenada Island are connected with the Caribbean Carnival. This is lively and wild vibrant celebrations with grandeur style. Street dances, invigorating music, shows and bands are part of these carnivals. This is really worthy to understand the art and culture of the region.

Museum of Carriacou, Fort George and Mount Rich are some other attractions in the Grenada Islands. This is ideal for family vacations.