Securing Your Car's Audio System From Theft

By Raymond articles Published 10/14/2008 | Auto and Trucks

Depending on where you park your car, you may be concerned about certain internal modules being stolen. As an example, once a thief gets into your car, removing the audio system is fairly easy.   Protecting this type of equipment from theft will involve taking a number of precautions.  In some cases, you may also need to consider steps that will make it easier to recover the device if it is stolen.  Fortunately, you will find that protecting automotive audio equipment is fairly inexpensive.

If you have to park in a risky neighborhood, it will be to your benefit to park where there are video cameras.  Among other things, you may want to consider parking near a bank.  While their cameras are primarily focused on the bank, it may also take in certain road areas and locations around the outside the bank.  At the very least, if your audio equipment is stolen, you can ask if they have an incidental videos to look at.

Next, you will need to prevent entry into your car.  Today, there are many different kinds of alarms and electronic locking systems.  Before purchasing one of these units, it will be to your advantage to do some research.  In particular, you will want to look on the internet to see if others using the same system have had their cars broken into.  Without a question, if you uncover information about how easy it is to break into certain systems, you will want to shop for ones that afford better protection.

You may also want to give some thought to the audio system that you are purchasing.  As an example, some units come with anti-theft protection.  This includes special programming that will render the unit useless in another vehicle.  If you also purchased special programming for the unit, it may be possible to locate it via GPS and other positioning technologies. Unfortunately, it may be some time before the unit turns up in a place where it can be recovered.

Finally, you may want to register the serial number of your audio equipment with an anti-theft watch site.  Typically, these are free services that act on the behalf of consumers.  Once you register your device with them, prospective buyers of similar equipment will be able to find out if the serial number is from a stolen unit.  Depending on the value of the equipment, you may also be able to register the serial number with local law enforcement agencies.

Aside from purchasing extra insurance on your audio equipment, there are some other things you can do.  In most cases, choosing your parking space carefully will go a long way towards preventing theft.  At the same time, you can also take advantage of some newer technologies that will make it easier to locate stolen items.