How to choose shoes for that Special Occasion

By Brown Articles Published 10/16/2008 | Women Fashion

      Each special occasion has its specific type of shoe, and as a rule the shoe should match the dress that one has chosen for a special occasion. Although shoes are accessories, they are an important item for they complete the overall look. As a general rule shoes should be of the same color intensity if not slightly darker than the dress one is wearing. For special occasions one should choose a more glittery version of shoes, made of silver or bronze leather with decorations such as beads or glitter, and a style such as sandals or sling backs or even opened-toed pumps, as these are ideal on special occasions, for they are both sophisticated and feminine and with a slight heel can make women even more classier to look at.


         A very good option for special occasion shoes are shoes one can dye. These shoes can match any outfit of any color one wishes to dye them in, they come in all shapes and styles, such as sandals, pumps, slings and baby dolls, with the added advantage that you only need one pair of shoes for many different outfits!

         The classic evening shoes or prom shoes are always a safe choice, they come in more trendy colors such as gold or bronze leather and are perfect for special occasions, giving an overall elegant look to the outfit one is wearing. Clear shoes can also be a good idea, for they match any dress for special occasions and can also be found adorned with rhinestones or gold and silver trimmings.

         In general the shoes for special occasions should compliment the dress one is wearing but not outcast it, although at times trendy shoes can actually help enhance the overall effect. Sling back shoes usually give an aura of elegance even when of a classic black type, they add a touch of sophistication to the outfit and are usually the best choice when one’s budget is not too high, or one simply does not think it worth while to spend too much money for occasional events such as rare special occasions.

         If one is in doubt on what to wear with a specific outfit for special occasions, shoes with colors such as black, taupe, brown or navy blue will usually match most clothing and can be worn over and over again. During the summer season white or light colored shoes also blend nicely with special occasion dresses giving a refined flair to those wearing them.

         Last but most important point is that some type of shoes for special occasions may look good but not feel so. It is essential to choose a pair that is comfortable to wear as well as beautiful to look at, for uncomfortable shoes are a waste of money, as they usually remain in the back of the cupboard once they have been worn the first time.