Major Problems That Faced Married Women Within Marriage Life

By Brown Articles Published 08/30/2011 | Relationships

       Marriage is one of the most important decisions in a lifetime, a serious commitment, which will pave out the years of a married couple’s life. This engagement between a man and woman is a promise of love during both difficult times and happier ones; both have obligations towards one another as well as rights.

         Nowadays the hectic rhythm of life sometimes creates overwhelming obstacles for the couple. Those women with jobs or careers find it more and more difficult to cope with work and their families at once. The reason for this is that basically it is impossible to do so. A women has a set of family responsibilities at home, especially when children are young, and if on top of that she also has job responsibilities and datelines this will cause stress and fatigue that will then lead to the deterioration in the couple’s relationship.

         The workload of responsibilities and practical tasks is just too overwhelming for most women; it is therefore inevitable that somewhere they will have to neglect someone to be able to perform all the daily tasks. In some women this impossibility to perform their roles will eventually lead them onto severe depression and family rupture.

         The difficulty lies in the fact that there is no definite working schedule within daily family aspects, who can estimate when someone falls ill? When someone needs special attention? There is no fixed date or hour, anyone may need something at any time, and the family is a 24-hour employment. Women are constantly under pressure when managing multiple roles, therefore during marriage the key factor is to be able to adjust to the evolving situations and changes in order to cope with the numerous stresses encountered throughout the relationship.

         In marriage both partners have a predetermined role; a man is the head of the family and is generally expected to be a strong one, without wanting to be biased against the women’s role, which is not necessarily of submission, but that of a mother and companion who keeps the family united and happy. Now, women who are also trying to run a career at the same time will obviously come up with relationship obstacles and be under great stress.

         Statistically married women have elevated rates of depression as opposed to unmarried ones, and this is an issue that most marriages will be faced with during their life together. This is caused by marital stress and conflicts in relationships and roles. Symptoms of depression are insomnia, hypertension, feeling of sadness, anxiety, irritability, fatigue, energy-loss and withdrawal from activities in common, and loss of interest in oneself and others as well as in sex.

         Workingwomen with families are prone to depression for they bear the weight of household work and their jobs together, working in two different environments, which are completely different to one another. This is why married women suffer more than men from symptoms of depression, the double roles they play are simply too much for most women to endure.