Tips for Best Plus Size Clothing & Women’s Apparel

By Brown Articles Published 10/16/2008 | Women Fashion

        Nowadays plus size clothing for women can be easily found and the choice is extensive, presenting the latest fashion, ingeniously tailored to fit nicely using trendy styles and leaving aside those dull and straight cut dresses that were once proposed for plus size clothing.


         Best plus size clothing for women should fit properly, as opposed to the loose fitting clothing, which only makes women look bigger than they really are, and certainly does not hide full figures. Dresses with waists that are cut slightly higher on the waistline or just below the bust line will give the figure a good glass-shaped effect, while the length should be just below the knee.

         Winter coats, which are an essential part of a women’s wardrobe should be chosen for the quality of the fabric and be tailored to fit the silhouette, this will slim down a body nicely. The single-breasted coats better conceal large breasts, while double-breasted coats make busts appear larger.

         When choosing jeans amongst best plus sizes, the best cuts are probably Boot cut jeans, as they flatter almost all body frames, while tapered leg jeans should be avoided. In general pants that have a straight leg from the hip to the floor will give any women a slimmer looking figure. Darker colored trousers are better for plus sizes, the classic black or gray or darker shades of jeans.


         The best plus size sweaters can be found in many flattering fabrics and styles, such as wool, cashmere and cotton. Sweaters with V necklines enhance attractive faces, while those that are cut with a hint of a curve on the waistline will complement fuller figures. Sweaters or cardigans, which have a long vertical line down the center of the body, give the appearance of a long and slim body.

         Black cocktail dresses, although more trendy are not banned from plus size clothing, they can be worn taking care that the length must be slightly below the knee line. A white dress blouse is also a fundamental apparel for a plus size wardrobe, as it will match with practically anything, and when worn with a cardigan and well fitting dark shade jacket will look great with pants or skirts.

         Other best plus size apparels are swimming wear and bras. A two piece swim suit with patterned top and single colored bottom will enhance the bust and take attention away from a fuller bottom, while a one-piece swim suit with a simple pattern round the waistline will give it a slimmer look. Skirtinis conceal heavier thighs and hips, while tankinis enhances an attractive leg taking attention away from other heavier parts of the figure.

         Clear bra straps are the best plus size women’s apparels, created to flatter larger busted women, who should be looking for wide shoulder straps as these bras offer a firmer support and more comfortable fit.