Types of Women Shoes and Selecting One To Fit

By Brown Ezilon.com Articles Published 10/16/2008 | Women Fashion

        One would think shoes are simply shoes, but there is such an array of types of women shoes to choose from that at times it becomes difficult to decide which types or just right and which are not.


         For everyday use to the office, business occasions, shopping, lunch outings; the classic Black Pump is the best choice. It is comfortable to wear for the whole day, and one should prefer a 2 to 3 inch heel for ideal comfort. These shoes can be leather or micro-fiber, though leather allows the feet to aerate properly. The Neutral Low Heel Pump is a variation to the former, as black is not always the ideal color to wear with all clothes. The neutral colors are beige or taupe, although navy and brown are also good options with clothes of the same color scheme. The heels of these shoes are low and the shoe is closed at the toe, in a rounded or pointed version according to taste, though the rounded toes are the more comfortable of the two.

            Other types of women shoes are the Open Toe Dress Heel, which can come in the closed back pump style or the sling back (with just a strap over the heel). The heels of these types of women shoes should ideally be 3 to 4 inches, being the sort of shoe women wear on special occasions, such as dating and parties, for it conveys a certain flair of femininity to those women who wear them. Another shoe for special events such as evenings out is the Evening Shoe; this is a trendier version of the former and should be more glamorous, as in high-heel sandals with brilliant rhinestones or even more outrageous colors, such as silver and gold. It is after all a special evening event one wears it for.

         Some more conventional types of women shoes are the Flats or Skimmers that are usually very comfortable to wear and can be worn with almost all casual wear, though one may find dressier versions adorned with ribbons or more sparkling decorations. The Suede or Fabric Mules are also to be worn with more casual wear and come with a 2 to 3 inch heel and are open in the back allowing feet extra freedom and air. For the warmer weather one should definitely have Summer Sandals ready to slip on, in a low-heeled or flat version, such as flip flops or strap sandals; these come in all shapes, sizes and colors as well as different materials from water proof sandals to the more classic leather ones.

         Boots are another type of women’s shoes that can be worn in cold and wet climates, such as the Tall Boot, which is knee-high version and comes with high heels or low ones, with fur linings and leather or waterproof material. The best choice in color would be brown or black, which can be worn throughout the autumn and winter and matches all kinds of casual winter clothing. The Ankle Boots or Booties are a more trendy alternative and come in an amazing variety of fabrics, such as patent leather, suede and distressed leather but can also be found in jeans or other softer materials. The heels can be stacked, flat or stiletto, adding a flamboyance to this type of boot.

         Finally Athletic Shoes should also be mentioned, there are specific styles created for women and for different types of sports activities, such as running, training or working out, for each athletic shoe has it own particular characteristic.