Tips for Choosing Best Women’s suits for Office or Day Outings

By Brown Articles Published 10/16/2008 | Women Fashion

         There is such a wide range of choices when exploring the world of women’s suits; different shapes, styles and fabrics render each suit appropriate for each different occasion.


         When at the office, it is essential to portray a serious image to those working around you or during meetings with clients and other colleagues. An office suit must give you a professional look; so neutral and solid colors are the best choice, as are light wool or cotton suits, which can be worn throughout the year. It is important to start with a skirt suit which can be worn to important meetings or interviews, then pant suits can be added to the wardrobe.

         Women’s suits for evenings out such as concerts or cocktails are also a good idea. Work suits may be dressed up a little for these occasions by adding a few accessories, like a silk scarf, otherwise more trendy suits can be considered, with brighter colors and fabrics such as silk or leather, depending on the occasion. For those special events such as weddings or parties, tuxedo style or finer fabric suits like velvet or silk with extras such as ruffles can be worn. A casual women’s suit is perfect for weekends, to look stylish in a more casual way, choosing fabrics in corduroy or denim, which give a sophisticated but relax feeling.

         Before buying a suit a few tips must not be neglected, to achieve a good fit and elegant look. The waistline is important, it must be defined and well cut; this will improve and slim down figures, while the length of the jacket depends on the woman’s body length. To lengthen short bodies longer suit jackets are best, while short suit jackets will enhance narrow hips and long legs. There is a choice of skirts or pants in various styles to complete the overall look; flowing skirts or pants will slim down heavier lower parts in a women, while narrower cut pants or skirts will show off slim figures. Single color suits will generally make women look slimmer and taller, though patterns on one of the pieces of the suit will draw attention to that particular piece.

         A large selection of shirts, camisoles and T-shirts can be worn under suits, depending on the effect a woman wants to give. For a more casual look T-shirts are a good choice and should be close fitting and can be more colorful or serious depending on the occasion. For evenings or special occasions camisoles or silky halter tops and tank tops can be worn under suits, for a more trendy effect. Under more professional circumstances button-down shirts or blouses can be worn under suits at the office or on business meetings, but neutral colored turtleneck sweaters are also a good solution.

         Generally suits should be dry cleaned but not necessarily after each use; make sure the top and bottom are dry cleaned at the same time for the chemicals in dry cleaning wear fabrics. The suits can also be steamed to make them keep their fresh look longer, and must be hung on solid coat hangers where they keep in proper shape and will last much longer.