How to Choose or Select Womens Swimwear To Fit

By Brown Articles Published 10/16/2008 | Women Fashion

        Who would think that apparel such as women’s swimwear could offer such a variety of choices in styles, colors and shapes? Nowadays women can find swimwear for slim, larger framed, tall and short figures, there is simply no limit to the imagination.

         The difficult decision is when a woman has to decide which is the perfect swimsuit for her figure. Each different swimwear is made for a determined kind of body shape; string bikinis are ideal for women who are slightly overweight, swimsuits that are skirt type are usually perfect for pear shaped women, the cut out swimsuits are for those women with thicker waists, while sports swimwear is for the more athletic figures.

         Pregnant women can also choose from a variety of styles made especially for them, such as two-piece swimsuits with extra support or single piece skirted swimsuits that skillfully hide the growing tummy. Plus size women’s swimwear also comes in many styles, shapes and colors to fit all types of larger framed women.

         Bikinis in general will probably be the more flattering and attractive, due to the fact that they expose more skin than single piece swimsuits. They also offer more tanning area on the skin and leave less droll marks on women’s bodies.

         Each woman’s body needs the right bikini for her body shape. Women with small busts for example look better in spaghetti-strap tops or tops with padding, which add forms to the bust. String ties on bikinis help small-framed women acquire more width and added frills make figures look more rounded. Women with pear shaped bodies should choose bikinis with more details and patterns on the top part, in order to divert attention from the buttock area. It is a good idea for the bottom part to have a waist decoration or simple frill, and be of a high cut making legs look longer, hence hips narrower, while low cut bottoms and string ties should be avoided. For women with larger busts, bottoms with decorations, frills and colors are the best bet, for the designs attract people’s attention away from the bust. The bikini top should separate the bust area instead of pushing it together, which would make it look bigger; balcony tops are ideal for this separating effect, it is important they have a good support as well.

         The choice of colors on bikinis is also important. Darker or bright colors such as red or black help the figure look slimmer as well as large patterns on dark backgrounds, while paler shades are to be avoided. Horizontal stripes will help widen a narrow figure while vertical stripes will do exactly the opposite and make figures look leaner and taller.

         For those women with large tummies, some bikinis have high waist bottoms, which push in and artfully disguise the stomach. Another clever method of wearing bikinis if women are still self-conscious of their bodies is concealing some parts with a beach caftan or sarongs, which can also be found in the same pattern of fabric of the swim wear chosen.