Having Fun With Your Cellphone

By Charles Hopkins Published 04/24/2006 | Social Issues
Weve come a long way from the days when phones were a luxury item viewed with suspicion by the masses and used mainly to report bad news. Today, cellphones are a fashion accessory and used for entertainment, recreation and to impart good news - or none at all, but simply to say "hi". Everything about the phone has changed - its size, shape and colour too. Its appropriate then that the dial tone can be changed to play your favorite tune. Simply log on to the appropriate website and click on your choice.

But more than that, cellphones also perform a variety of other functions. Not only can you take photos with them, but the results are visible immediately. You can even download them to your computer. You can download wallpaper and screensavers, listen to your favorite music, find out the date and time, use it to make shopping lists and reminders, and use it as a PC... Dick Tracey, eat your heart out!

While the younger generation has accepted the invention of the cellphone, older people who have trouble adjusting to new inventions may take a while coming to terms with the necessity for its use. After all, havent they survived most of their lives without one? Perhaps, but at what cost? What about when dear Uncle John died and you didnt even know until after youd sent that letter inviting him to stay for a while? What about the last time your car broke down and you had to walk several kilometers in the heat or rain to find a phone?

Now, you can remain in the safety and air-conditioned comfort of your car and get help or conduct business. And cellphones are becoming even more sophisticated. Some phones are now about the size of a credit card. Soon theyll be able to perform the same functions, no doubt. Already the latest word in smart cellphones, Samsung won the GSM award for best Mobile Handset in 2005. Its model SGH-D500 has video recording with 60mg of storage space, an MP3 player, camera with flash as well as 64 ring tones to mention just a few features. And it is still small. You want smaller? The latest model is only as big as an ear-piece.

But the ultimate in womens cellphones is the natty little hot pink and silver, clam-shaped beauty that is scented, comes with a calorie counter, lets you know when you are ovulating, chooses the perfume best suited to you and gives you a height/weight ratio, as well as all the other features. Yes, with todays cell phone you can conduct business, have heaps of fun and hold the whole world in your hand.