Create a Beautiful Home - On a Budget!

By Charles Hopkins Published 04/24/2006 | Home Improvement
If you are longing for the 'perfect' home but your wallet says 'secondhand-only' you may be shopping at all the wrong places.

Unless you need the solid mahogany dinning table and velvet drapes currently featured in 'Beautiful Homes' you CAN create a beautiful home from discount, outlet and grocery superstores. Add in a few personal details with treasured heirlooms, artwork or flea market finds and you can get the designer look you want, for less.


Don't bypass outlets for fantastic discounts on the 'real-deal'. Prices are slashed by 50% or more - meaning you can get the name without the cost.

Outlets are especially great for the little designer luxuries like pillows, vases and linens that set the mood. It's amazing what a little pizzazz front-and-center can do to distract from no-name furnishings - even with your most critical guests.

Other outlets offer genuine, designer furnishings at huge discounts because they are from a discontinued line or were floor models. You might be surprised what you can afford at these outlets.


Don't knock it - the ready-to-assemble (RTA) furnishings commonly available in discount stores is vastly improved from what was available even 2 or 3 years ago.

Consumer demand has created a market for high quality furnishings with lower costs. The only way to fill the need was to improve the materials and customize the look. You will now find RTA furnishings that rival traditional furnishings for quality and looks, at a much lower price.

Check out Wal-Mart, K-Mart and Target to see the latest decor ready-to-go.


While checking out the cleaners in aisle 3 you may just pass the latest designer-look living room set in aisle 2. Yes, even big name grocery stores and Do-It-Yourself stores are providing the consumer with their own lines of furnishings - and demand is high.

Following the lead of discount merchandisers, RTA furniture is now being offered through other channels - including grocery chains. You just never know when the urge to redecorate will strike!

The furniture industry is changing - consumer demand is making better selection available at lower costs - and now you can create the modern look you want without the huge price tag. Take some of these basic pieces, add some designer accessories, complete with some personal touches and artwork and you have a look that will stand up to the toughest critic - YOU!