Success – Seek And You Shall Find

By Wendy Dashwood-Quick Published 12/5/2008 | Careers

For the rest of you here are 10 ‘clues’ to where the answers really lie……

1.  Ask for help from within

 – your subconscious. Trust your own judgement. For here resides the most phenomenal power – but only if you believe…!

N.B. The British Rowing, Cycling and Swimming teams were told time and time again during their gruelling training that they had to BELIEVE they were better than anyone else…..their haul of medals at the Olympics tells its own story.

2. Wait for the answers

3. Act on any prompts you receive
– these could be throw-away comments from other people, something you hear on the radio, a song or a book that falls out of the bookshelf in the library. Because once you programme your subconscious mind by asking it starts working for you 24 hours a day

4. Avoid negative influences, energy vampires and thought viruses given to you by others.

5. Write a task list, but try writing some tasks for the Universe to go and help you with as well i.e. “who can help me with this challenge?” or “what else do I need to know here?”. Again wait for the answers.

6. Be open to receive and don’t sabotage the results by not believing or not being grateful for what comes your way.

7. Listen, and be open to these answers – they come in surprising packages

8. Up your peer group. You may need to fire some people from your life who don’t support your on your journey. Being around positive affirming people lifts your spirit and sets the bar higher – and could introduce you to the perfect person you need right now

9. Read motivational material and stay away from doom and gloom merchants (don’t read the daily newspapers!)

10. Be on purpose, decide what you want and expect to receive it