When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get Going

By Wendy Dashwood-Quick Published 12/5/2008 | Blogs

When you’re stressed it’s even harder to think outside the box and try anything new, just when you need to find creative solutions.

So, try my 10 top tips instead.

  1. Don’t listen to or watch the news – I’ve heard of a team of IFA’s who are now watching Sky Sport because watching the daily financial updates was just too depressing.
  2. Don’t read the newspaper.
  3. Connect with a peer group who share your values and attitude – stay away from the doom merchants.
  1. Develop a ‘can-do’ attitude and make things happen.
  2. Get up an hour earlier and use this time to think.
  3. Go for a walk and open your mind to new ideas.
  4. Don’t look at the competition, after all wasn’t it Steve Bozzo of Amazon who said “Don’t worry about the competition, they’re never going to buy from you”.
  5. Stay connected with people, make a contribution, and share your expertise with others, you never know where it will lead.
  6. Use this time constructively to innovate. If you’d like some help with that I am running a series of Brainstorming Sessions. Why waste time when this could be the most productive period of the year so far?

Get a dry-wipe board and regularly use this to brainstorm or record your thoughts or actions for the coming week.