Developing Trust and Loyal Customers

By Katie Marcus Published 12/11/2008 | Marketing
Most people can tell when all you care about is getting their money. I can feel when a person is trying to push me towards something that will be beneficial for them more than it is for me.

When I go to any store and when I pick up any kind of brochure printing material or advertisement, I have to decide what the companyís intentions are. Yes, they are going to have the goal of keeping themselves in business, and yes that requires that they develop sales, but how they go about accomplishing this says a lot about a business.

Consider this: when you decide to print brochures and you have a very heavy focus on getting a person to just buy what you are selling, are you really considering their needs? Are you phrasing this in such a way that you are trying to tell them this will be beneficial to them or are you just telling them to buy it as soon as possible?

Many advertisements I see seem to only focus on getting me to make the purchase and not on whether or not I will like what I am getting, or how it might improve my life or make things easier for me. I have to be able to imagine myself owning a product before I am going to take the time to actually buy it. This is a key part of marketing to people whether you are going to print brochures, put up posters, or send out postcards. You have to have the customerís needs in mind.

Consider this too: you might not always get a sale right away, but that does not mean a person will not come back and do business with your company in the future. I have gone to places where they do not actually have what I am looking for, so they guide me to another store that does. They could have tried to push something different on me, which I have had happen before, and I am sure others have as well.

You go into a store wanting something specific, they do not have it, but they try to tell you that this thing they do have will be so much better. They attempt to change my mind by forcing this product on me I do not actually want, until I finally give up and just leave.

The first store who directed me elsewhere showed that they actually care about helping me, and I am going to consider them in the future when I need to buy something. The second store showed me they only want me money, so why would I bother giving them any of my business?

You need to be sure that in all of your marketing you embrace the idea of the first store and always put your customerís needs ahead of all else. That is the best way to form trust and create a very loyal and strong customer base.

Katie Marcus writes about the brochure printing or print brochures technologies.