Keep a Close Eye on Your Budget

By Kaye Marks Published 12/31/1969 | Marketing
Yes, marketing most certainly costs money, but does it have to cost as much money as youíve been spending on your brochure printing or poster printing campaigns?

Just recently, I wrote something discussing the risks you face in trying to cut corners in order to save money when it comes to marketing. This remains true, but that does not mean you should not consider ways to decrease your marketing costs in order to make more money over all and increase you profit margins.

In that article I discussed the problems with designing things yourself if you donít have the design experience, and the problems with trying to go for small printing orders in order to save money on printing, which in the end will likely just increase the amount youíre spending rather than decrease it.

However, there are ways that you can realistically cut down on your marketing budget if you really want to without having any negative impact on the final advertisements that you make.

The first way is to make use of some strong templates. If you know you use brochures a lot and you want to do a long brochure marketing push what you can do is design a number of brochure templates at the very beginning of the design process.

A template is going to be the basic outline of your marketing and allow you to very quickly fill in the blanks to create your final product.

By making a number of brochure templates all at once you can then go back to the same ones later on, which will cost you less time and money to design your future brochures. Every little thing counts, and the more you use the same template over again, the more money you can save in the long run.

Another effective way to save yourself some cash is to get larger printing orders done rather than smaller ones. This works well if you know what marketing pushes you plan to do throughout the year and you know you can get them printed early without any problems.

Try to combine all of it into a single massive print order. You lump the start up costs for all of those printing orders into a single, smaller payment, and increasing the order size will not greatly affect the cost of the actual printing.

Something else to consider as well is doing a unique theme for all of your marketing at once. The way this saves you money is that you only need to come up with a single theme for your marketing, rather than three or four different ones, and so when designing the material you can have similar designs for everything you do. That allows you to get more from the first design, and save you money that would have gone towards designing completely different marketing pushes.

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