Whats coming-up in Mens fashion during 2009?

By Charles Hopkins Published 01/22/2009 | Men
All that comes under the heading of fashion is driven by one strong objective, TO LOOK DIFFERENT. This obsession has become real passion and we call it fashion.  No human being at any part of his age can escape the enticing temptation of fashion; everyone loves to look charming and attractive. Mens too are equally influenced by this trait and they respond to the whispers of style that emerging trends makes in the air of trend. Mens fashion for the year 2009 is taking new shape. Many new trends are coming and some of the oldest trends are reviving.

Designers all over the world are seeking their inspiration from the old 70s fashion trends and we will be witnessing a lot of revival in the year 2009, as the stage is set for this particular performance of traditional touch in modern fashion trends. Corduroy is coming back again in mens fashion. We may witness luxurious use of Corduroy in coats and blazers in the year to come. The best thing about Corduroy is the affordability of the products made with this fabric. One may find cool American style cord blazer from Gap for your wardrobe within the range of 500, which is really good considering the fact that fashion and branded items are skyrocketing.

Making the gradient

Emerging trends for the era 2009 will highlight gradient tones in their color schemes. Some f the designers will use such gradient tones in their design s which will give shady look and will outstand from other solid, and one toned dresses. This technique will create a lot of variation in dressing and new colors and gradient tones will be invented.

Breast in Show

Mens fashion experts have predicted a new trend that will rule the first quarter of year 2009. This will be more open chests of the dresses to show broader view is the breast. These designs will be focusing on more aggressive and Manish presentation of dresses and it will be popular in youngsters who do weight training.

Micro Patterns

Revival of micro-pattern designs has also been expected in the year 2009 means fashion and attractive combination of different micro patterns will be seen in formal dresses, especially in coat. Mens trouser will also be designed with micro pattern and as a whole a new trend will be seen in next one quarter. This is also a revival of 70s fashion when micro pattern was largely used in mens fashion.

The wide stripes

Yet again wide striped dresses are becoming trend wear in the fashion shows of designers for 2009 styles. These wide stripped will be followed by the whole fashion community and apart from dress designers, all other categories of designer will follow this trend and we will come across a storm of wide striped products all round. These wide striped fashion products and clothes will be available in both horizontal and vertical stripes to suit the needs of tall and small; height people