All about Prepaid legal service

By Charles Hopkins Published 01/22/2009 | Legal

A contract in which one undertakes to pay for or provide legal services offered by attorneys that are licensed to practice law.

Because of the growing needs for legal services in the increasing costs for attorney consultations and in many other areas of life, prepaid legal service makes available plans based on per month payments which are similar to insurance for car accidents and health care. Some more of the services provided by the Prepaid Legal service are IRS audit protection, will preparation and traffic violation defense. Apart from the individual and family plans, prepaid legal services are also offered to commercial drivers and business owners.

Prepaid legal services are an alternative to hiring a lawyer for a company or many people. If you want to complaint a file, or are a victim to fraud and scam then you can simply use your prepaid legal service to fulfill your needs rather than go for a lawyer. A few of the Benefits of Prepaid legal services are listed below:

# 1:

Lawyers charge a very complicated set of fees: flat fees, contingency fees, statutory fees and hourly rates. On the other hand, prepaid legal services are furnished and priced. It is a simple and straightforward process: an agreement is signed to pay a fixed monthly fee and thats it. Your plan provider will give you a notice of a different billing so that you have an idea of what you will be charged of, if what you are looking for is not covered in the plan.

# 2:

The fees of Lawyers are too expensive for most people. You can be charged of bills of thousands of dollars which is simply out of reach of middle-class families and most working people. Prepaid legal services are just like insurance, services start from as low as 9 and normally not more than 30.

# 3:

Prepaid Legal services offer you normally unlimited phone advice and consultation. The normal problems which you are likely to face in your daily life can be solved by taking the necessary steps in line with the law. You can detect legal blunders before they occur and minimize the risk, with the right consultation and advice.

Prepaid Legal Services also known as Legal Insurance has over 100 million customers in America. These plans are similar to the ones provided by the Health Maintenance Organization and cover the basic needs of the member, partner or any of the children. Upto 25 fixed monthly subscription fee is paid by the customer for the services of pre-selected lawyers. Most of the basic plans provide consultation and advice by telephone.

The assigned attorneys give a few hours of office consultation to the plan members. Review and advice on simple legal documents, drafting, preparation or an update of a simple will can also be included.

Prepaid legal services are simply necessary in a complex society. Prepaid legal services gives assurance of the basic rights to millions of citizens.